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As a digital agency, marketing services are one of the main methods we support our clients. To achieve the desired outcome, we plan, structure, and execute through various services such as consulting, marketing, design and technology solutions. Whether a start-up or existing organization, we can provide assistance.

Our consulting services provide our clients with expertise and much required knowledge to get started with a venture or grow a business. Marketing services are professionally managed and executed to support client’s goals. While quality design and technology customization ensures best chances at success.

Our services help clients make better decisions and avoid costly pitfalls and mistakes. Measurable and results oriented services to help clients start, grow, manage, and succeed effectively with their business. A trusted business partner. A set of services geared towards supporting clients properly and effectively. Contact us to speak with a consultant about your business. We are happy to hear from you and look forward to learn more about your venture.

Contact us today to talk to a consultant, marketing expert, or technology advisor. We support individuals, small business, and more established organizations. To find out how we can help, contact us for a free consultation.


Business Consulting

Doing business internationally calls for special insight. Especially when navigating the often complex world of international regulations and requirements. International consultants have the experience, knowledge, and relationships to guide clients through the diverse complexities of international jurisdictions.

Whether you want to optimize your international operations or you are looking for expansion opportunities and need due diligence or independent advice, consultants can bring a valuable mix of experience and fresh ideas to help make informed decisions. Consultants deliver perspective, insights, and solutions based on experience.

Tower Creations business consulting services provide hands-on experience and local expertise. Consulting professionals speak the local language; understand the business customs and culture.

Marketing Management

Business consultants conduct market research to evaluate the suitability of foreign countries for client products, solutions or services. When promising markets are identified, preliminary business discovery starts to determine if reliable and interested distributors, customers and suppliers exist in specific target markets. Consultants can assist clients source, market and sell in foreign markets abroad.

There is no single path to enter a foreign market. A business must choose with professional help the structure appropriate to their level of resources, market potential, and experience operating in the international environment.

International business is conducted in most cases including export/import businesses, independent agents, licensing agreements, direct investment, joint ventures, and multinational corporations (MNC). The differences among these options are sometimes slight.

“Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.”

– Milan Kundera

Online Business Consulting

Online businesses require a unique approach and strategy. Through consulting services, help and advice is given to the client to better understand all aspects of the online business, technologies, marketing, and any other requirements. Consultants may research and implement business solutions, marketing strategies, and help with strategic relationships to aid clients with online operations and growth. Online consultants provide helpful insight to all aspects of Internet business as well as the knowledge and tools to monitor the results and make adjustments when necessary.


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